3 ways to have a holiday without the big pricetag

3 ways to have a holiday without the big pricetag

Budget-savvy holidays and good times are not mutually exclusive. With a little planning, creative research, good tips and, of course, clever budgeting, you can create the holiday your body, mind and soul yearn for. How about trying one of the following?

Book at the right time

If you’re planning on going interstate or even overseas, research the ‘sweet spot’ to buy tickets and make bookings. Travel blogs often have great tips about the best times to buy – usually this means booking early, especially for the festive season. Kids are on holidays and many businesses take a break, so holiday crowds are bigger than at other times of the year.

Just by avoiding peak hours and flying at the right time of day or week you can easily reduce your holiday expenses. Flights from Tuesday to Thursday are often reported as cheaper, with Saturdays the most expensive.

If you’ve left your run late, there’s still hope. Booking at the last minute can be just as fruitful as long as you’re willing to be flexible and accept more limited options. You might just bag yourself a bargain.

House swap

Know someone who lives in the country and interested in a holiday in the city? Or are you a city dweller interested in breathing some sea air for a change? Whatever your situation, it’s worth asking around to see if a house swap is possible. If that doesn’t yield results, you can look online and join the growing throng of Australians offering their home in exchange for a change of scenery in someone else’s casa.

The definition of a holiday is an extended period of leisure and recreation. And let’s face it, you don’t need to go overseas or stay in an exotic resort to achieve it. Save on accommodation costs and consider a house swap for a budget-friendly and unique experience.

Consider a ‘staycation’

If your budget prevents you from going somewhere, you can still entertain yourself and the kids in your local area or city. There’s often more to do than you realise. The festive season, in particular, can be a hive of activity with outdoor markets, Christmas lights, cinemas in the parks and concerts – Australians love to make the most of the sunshine and summer nights.

Local councils often put on free street parties or events in parks, and libraries run school-holiday programs with activities to satisfy all age groups. Churches and town halls sometimes have free or low-cost Christmas plays the kids might love, and community groups will also be making the most of the festive season to show off their wares and run events.

Read your local papers, search for events online, keep an eye on the council calendar and talk to your friends and neighbours. By keeping your finger on the pulse of what’s happening locally, you can have just as much fun at home.