30 little ways to save big on a wedding

30 little ways to save big on a wedding

Balancing the emotion of your wedding with the finances can be a tricky task. Wedding blogger Ms Polka Dot, aka Dorothy Polka, comes to the rescue with some smart savings tips to make your special day financially fuss-free.

There are two key ways to set yourself up for wedding planning on a budget:

  • Figure out you and your partner’s priorities when it comes to the wedding. Identify the things that are really important to you – the things you won’t compromise on – and where you’re willing to settle for a little less.
  • Choose trusted vendors. Good vendors will never take your budget for granted. They’ll be able to work with you, and within your constraints.

With those two important steps in mind, here are 30 little tricks for saving pennies on your wedding.

The fashion

1. Think about having a smaller bridal party so you don’t need to spend as much on outfits.
2. Find pieces in your wardrobe that you or family members already own – think veils, an amazing pair of shoes and a fabulous bow tie.
3. Look out for sample sales and trunk shows where you can save on designer pieces or get a few extras thrown in.
4. Choose a gown that fits you without alterations.

The date

5. Give your guests an excuse to have a long weekend by getting married on a Friday or a Monday.
6. Choose winter or autumn for your wedding day.
7. Choose a brunch or lunchtime wedding.

The venue

8. Find venues that are stunning in their own right and don’t require a lot of decoration. Make the most of Mother Nature and its incredible backdrops, too!
9. Hold your ceremony and reception in one place.
10. If you’re getting married in a church, keep the decoration simple, or let the venue speak for itself with no chair or pew decorations.

The decor

11. Rent decor elements instead of buying.
12. Find second-hand pieces on auction/classified websites or even at flea markets.
13. Choose in-season flowers that are in abundance.
14. Support local flower growers by buying from them – you’ll save on import costs.
15. Extend the life of your ceremony flowers by arranging for someone to move them to the reception venue.

The reception

16. Whittle down your guest list to your special people only – those who will be in your lives in the future.
17. Welcome guests with a signature cocktail rather than offering a wide array of cocktails on arrival – this may save on spirits, mixers, fruit and so forth.
18. Provide only wine and beer during the reception.
19. Consider serving sparkling wine instead of champagne.
20. Skip the provided dessert and serve your wedding cake, or offer a delicious cheese table instead.
21. Keep the food simple and hearty. You don’t need to serve truffles to make it a memorable meal.
22. Keep the reception decor unfussy but stunning. Use your imagination to make paper flowers, bunting to sit among herbs, bare branches and greenery.
23. Use cheaper decorating options that give more bang for your buck. For example, a couple of large floral arrangements instead of lots of smaller ones, and coloured linens.

The cake

24. Keep the cake simple – just one flavour – and consider a naked cake, or one with just frosted icing.
25. Use fresh flowers or herbs instead of sugar flowers on your wedding cake.
26. Use unsprayed rosebuds or herbs frosted in sugar as cake decoration.

The extras

27. Choose standard-size invitations to save on postage.
28. Choose flat, printed invitations over letterpress or engraving.
29. Choose a smaller band – go for a duet or three-piece band instead of the six-piece extravaganza – or choose a DJ.
30. Pick and choose your own wedding DIY projects; do you really need to make custom napkins? Or can the plain ones do just as well?

By using these nifty tricks and tips, your wedding can fit within your budget while still being a beautiful, meaningful day.