4 key tips for building an audience for your blog

4 key tips for building an audience for your blog

Successful lifestyle blogger Aubrey Daquinag of The Love Assembly gives her top tips for making sure your blog obtains the reach you want.

1. Determine who exactly is your audience

First things first, know exactly who your target audience is. It’s the most important element when building your blog because it’s the core to understanding who you’re targeting. Are they male or female, or both? How old are they? What are their spending habits? Where do your and their interests intersect? Once this is all mapped out, always remember to write for your target audience when you’re brainstorming new ideas and producing content.

2. Strategic alignments

Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate! This is the most fun way to build an audience for your blog – think big. Test, learn and continue with what you find to be working and scrap what doesn’t work. Do your research, find out where you can align your brand and blog with others in your field and think of creative ways that can offer value for everyone involved.

3. Promote your content

When it comes to content you should use the 80/20 formula: 20 per cent of your time producing content and 80 per cent promoting your content. Three effective ways to do the latter include:

Social media
The number one way to easily get your content out to your audience is through social media. Instead of dipping your toes into every single social network, choose two or three main platforms (for example, I recommend Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest for visual and backlink features) and focus on growing and promoting your blog on those. Make your choice by researching which platforms your target market spends the most time on, and have a social media marketing strategy for growing each individual one. Be sure to follow any copyright or trademark rules for the platforms you decide to use.

Email signature
It’s quite normal these days to meet someone online before actually meeting them in real life. Think about how many emails you send off every day – more than a handful, right? If not, you should be, whether that’s connecting with brands, potential clients or just reaching out to other bloggers to say a friendly hello!

Creating a custom email signature is a great way to promote current news and updates that are happening in your world. Show your personality through your sign-off and update it with links back to your blog. A few ideas for your signature include your latest blog post, an intriguing question that leads back to a page on your blog, or a catchy quote to encourage people to sign up to your newsletter.

Leveraging leads
They say ‘the money is in the list!’ This is something I would have to agree with, because you can capture email addresses and then land in the inbox of your target audience. Your contact list is an asset you have control over (as opposed to the ever-changing landscape of social media); however, you must ensure you are complying with any legal requirements such as the SPAM Act.

A successful way to build your list is by having a newsletter with multiple reasons for readers to subscribe, whether that be content upgrades, special offers or exclusive content.

4. Network

Last but not least, network and make blogger friends! It’s super-important to connect with people offline as much as online. When you meet a reader or potential reader in the real world, they get to know you more personally and feel more connected when they see your online adventures. Also, friendships flourish from similar interests, so it’s not unlikely that ‘blogger friends’ can turn into real friends. There are so many blogger experiences and situations you’ll be able to relate to, and supporting each other’s work is a wonderful thing.

Following these tips could set you on the path to having a successful, influential blog, as well as giving you the satisfying feeling of watching something you created thrive and grow.