7 tips for making the most of a small space

7 tips for making the most of a small space

Designers and stars of The Block, Charlotte Ekas and Josh Terrett, give us their tips on how to make a small home workspace work hard for you.

Unfortunately many of our home workspaces are much smaller than we’d like, but this doesn’t mean your space can’t be functional and still look great. We’ve got the key ways to get creative and make the most of your workspace without spending a fortune.

1. Start with a blank canvas.

It’s easier to visualise changes when beginning with an empty space, so clear everything out of the area. Only put back your items when they have a designated place.

2. Plan.

Think arranging a small space will be easier than a large one? Think again! With a limited area you really have to make every inch count, so really spend time on the planning. Work out the sizes and dimensions you’re playing with before you start looking for your furniture.

3. Introduce elements of design.

Make sure the space has personality. We definitely think less is more, so make your key pieces interesting ones. Also, don’t feel like this space has to be clinical and office-like – the advantage of working from home is your workspace can have a warm, homely element. Try adding some photos or a pretty blanket.

4. Think vertical.

Space is limited so don’t forget to look up. Use your wall space to create interest through art, a pin board, or even some shelves.

5. Lighting.

Let’s not forget this is a functional space, so lighting needs to be adequate for office use, without interfering with the lighting in the rest of the room if you also use it for recreation. A desk lamp is the best solution.

6. Reuse and refresh.

You don’t need to go out and buy new furniture when you can just get creative. Refresh desks or chairs with a coat of paint, print your own art and try bringing in items from other rooms in your home.

7. Reduce clutter.

This is the most important factor. To maximise your space you need to be on top of the filing. Make sure you end each day with a clear desk. They say ‘a clean desk is a sign of a clean mind’ and they’re usually right.

We hope these tips have helped you visualise how you’ll capitalise on your home workspace. Remember, everyone’s set-up is different, so work out exactly what you need from your space to do your job well, and there’s your starting point.

Man leaning back in chair in office, rear view