8 cool beach activities for kids

8 cool beach activities for kids

During the summer holidays, the beach is an obvious answer for entertainment. But what can you do with the kids other than swim and build sandcastles? Rene Young from travel blog Together We Roam has come up with some awesome ideas.

1.  Build sand sculptures like a pro

It goes without saying that a bucket and spade are beach essentials, but you can also create unique sand masterpieces by bringing along inexpensive household items.

Place a bucket with the bottom cut out in the sand, mix in plenty of water and have little feet pack down the sand. When you remove the bucket a dense base will have formed – you can build on this with more wet sand or carve details into it using kitchen cutlery, an edge-smoothing frosting knife, or the tips of paint brushes.

2.  Go on a beach scavenger hunt

Make a list of common beach objects for the kids to collect, such as shells, hermit crabs and rocks, then see their faces light up when they return with their spoils. Extra points can be given for the discovery of special treasures, such as starfish, or you can discreetly bury objects around your site, such as a message in a bottle – just don’t forget where you buried them!

3.  Blow bubbles

Kids will delight in blowing bubbles and chasing them down as they float along with the sea breeze. Small portable tubes can be purchased inexpensively at discount stores, but it’s a good idea to pack spares in case of accidental bubble-solution spillage.

4.  Go fishing

Take the kids beach fishing or sink a line off the jetty. The fishing gear you use needn’t be the professional and expensive kind – you can try your luck with a hand line or kids’ reel for around $10.

5.  Have sticks of fun

Sometimes all kids need is a few sticks to build a fort, create an imaginary bonfire or arm themselves from pirate trespassers. Simply tie some crepe paper to a stick and they have magical flags to run along the beach with.

Kids can also use sticks to draw or practise their writing in the sand or sketch out games of hopscotch, noughts-and-crosses and hangman.

6.  Kick the footy

Simply mark out goals in the sand and kick a footy or soccer ball along the beach. It’s amazing how kids can organise themselves and new beach friends around ball games! While licensed balls can be expensive, cheap rubber varieties can be purchased from discount stores and no tears will be shed if one gets lost.

7.  Light up the beach

As the sun sets, light sparklers and dazzle kids in the dark, or place glow sticks in empty plastic bottles to create makeshift lanterns for them to perform moon dances, chase fairies or build runways for planes.

8.  Make lasting memories

Make a conscious effort to get involved, dedicate time and be free of distractions.

Chase fish around rock pools, talk about what’s washed up on shore, dig up pipis or bury each other in the sand. The magic happens when parents are engaged and present, making lasting memories together.

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