Budget-friendly holiday fun for teens

Budget-friendly holiday fun for teens

Planning With Kids’ Nicole Avery has a 16-year-old, so she knows all about the challenges of keeping a teen entertained over the school holidays. Here are her tips for keeping teen boredom at bay.

Keeping teens entertained and not constantly glued to a technological device can be a considerable challenge over the school holidays. While there are many great activities teens can do, they often come with an expensive price tag. These work well as an occasional treat, but when you have weeks of school holidays to cover it isn’t something most parents can afford on a daily basis.

Here are six school holiday activities for teens that won’t break the bank.

Upcycling – for teens who like to create, upcycling will keep them entertained at almost no cost. Have them gather items that they no longer use or need from their room and think about what they could create with them. Alternatively, there are many great upcycling tutorials on the internet, including:

  • Ways toUpcycle Old T-Shirts! This video tutorial shows you how to upcycle your old T-shirts into different style tops as well as other items, like no-slip coathangers and bracelets.
  • DIYHow to Make a Basket from Recycled Newspaper. This simple tutorial details how to use items you have around the house to create something new and will keep your teen occupied for ages.
  • UpcycledPencil Box  A step-by-step guide to how you can turn an old pasta box into a pencil case.

Crafting – as well as upcycling, how about encouraging teens to try craft more broadly? The raw materials often aren’t expensive, and there are tons of blogs that can guide them. Crafting is pretty fashionable, too, which is always a plus when it comes to teenagers.

Instagram moments – most teens take hundreds of photos each year, but very few make it off the camera. There are now websites that allow you to creatively and cost effectively print out your favourite Instagram moments. Teens can print them out as just photos or they can look at other options like:

  • Magnets– these come in a variety of sizes and with a white square border in sets of nine, with free international shipping.
  • Posters– teens can collate their favourite Instagram images into a work of modern art with these posters, which come in a range of sizes to suit available funds and with reasonable delivery fees.
  • Stickers– a fun way for teens to share their Instagram photos is to turn them into books of one-inch stickers.

Tourist in your own town – so often we travel to other cities and towns to visit their historical landmarks and cultural attractions but don’t take the time to see what is in our own backyard. Provide your teen with an all-day public transport pass and have them plan a day of travel with friends – it could be as simple as visiting the beach at the opposite end of the city, or heading into town to visit key museums or art galleries, which have great concession rates for students.

Stadium court hire
 – check out your local council-run or YMCA-managed recreation centres and the facilities they have for hire. Most will have reasonably priced off-peak rates for netball, basketball or soccer court hire. Teens can split the cost between a group of friends and run themselves ragged playing the game of their choice.

Barbecue in the park – many parks in your local area will have free barbecues. Set your teen up with some sausages, bread, tomato sauce, drinks and basic barbecue tools, and have them arrange to meet friends for lunch. Teens love their independence, so being in charge of their own barbecue away from home allows them a sense of freedom and it is a fun way to catch up with friends.

There are many budget-friendly school holiday activities available for teens, it just takes a little research and creativity to find them. Use these ideas as base to kick-start your teen thinking of their own activities, then set them a budget and see what they can come up with to entertain themselves!