Eat, drink and be merry without missing out

Eat, drink and be merry without missing out

Over the festive season, costs can get out of hand before you quite realise what’s happening. While focusing on making the day great, you might find yourself inadvertently sparing no expense. This is especially true when it comes to food and alcohol.

Australians are notorious food wasters. According to FoodWise, they discard up to 20 per cent of the food they purchase. This equates to approximately one shopping bag out of every five – that’s $1036 worth of food thrown away every year for the average Australian household. I’m sure you could come up with a long list of better ways to spend that $1,000.

Keeping your festive food simple will help you to keep costs down. How about making a range of salads? The ingredients generally aren’t expensive, they’re easy to make, they work for the Australian climate and they won’t weigh you down. Imagine not having to slump onto the lounge after lunch or collapse into a food coma!

Another way to keep it fresh and cheap is to limit yourself with the number of meats. You might go for a traditional ham or opt for a seafood lunch. Either way, you don’t need a smorgasbord of every kind of meat or food group available.

Also a good idea for saving on food and drinks is to buy early. Some retailers are known to mark up their prices for the festive season, so shop ahead of the hike and freeze what food you can. Alcohol is a big-ticket item so consider buying in bulk and from discount sellers.

There you go! All you really need to create a budget-friendly festive meal is a little thought and planning.