Low-cost school holiday fun in your capital city

Low-cost school holiday fun in your capital city

Parenting blogger Tahlia Mandie gives a capital-by-capital       rundown of the best low-cost and free activities for kids these   summer holidays. 

With school holidays well under way, you may be wondering how to keep your kids entertained without blowing the family budget.

It can sometimes get rather expensive to keep the little ones happy, especially over the long summer break, but you can find fun activities for next to nothing with a little research and planning ahead of time.

Shopping centres and council parks and zones throughout Australia often run many small and simple school holiday activities for free or at little cost. These are a fabulous option for really young children, who can sometimes only manage shorter visits out.

Major cities also have many attractions and larger events that happen over the summer. These include:









Other places and activities you could include on your list are:

  • theme parks
  • museums
  • Bunnings warehouse (you may be surprised by their amazing school holiday workshops)
  • bush walks
  • national park visits
  • picnics
  • water play in the backyard.

The key to school holiday fun and preventing boredom while avoiding last-minute expensive decisions is planning. But don’t forget to plan your down days, too.