What do I need for my home office or studio?

What do I need for my home office or studio?

If you’ve worked out where you’re going to set up your home workspace and broadly what you’ll put where, it’s now time to lock down the precise items you’ll need to get on with the job.

Taking the conventional office-space route? If so, your essentials will likely include:

  • your mobile phone (with its trusty calculator, diary, notifications and your favourite work apps)
  • a desk
  • a chair
  • a computer
  • good lighting
  • a printer (unless you decide to go paperless)
  • filing cabinet (see point above).

Some of the decisions you make will likely give rise to other decisions. Some freelance writers, for example, want a desktop computer with an extra-large screen. Others like the portability and flexibility of a laptop. Others want both. Likewise, many professionals like to work with multiple monitors. Consider, too, whether people will be visiting your home office. Do you need a chair for clients or guests?

Then there are the invisible essentials – most importantly a fast and reliable internet connection and whatever computer software you need to do your job effectively.

For more artistic, studio-like spaces, your basics will mainly depend on the medium you work in. For example, if you’re a potter, you’ll need space for a pottery wheel. (A garage, if you have one, may be a great option for you.) If you’re a painter or sketch artist, an easel is an obvious necessity. And most of you will still require a work surface of some sort, such as a drafting table for architects or illustrators, and storage for your supplies – not to mention your completed works! The rest we’ll leave to your artist’s imagination.

Other items you may want in your home office could include:

  • a rubbish bin
  • a clock (great for telling you when to stop working)
  • a scanner
  • a headset (handy for being hands-free if you know you’ll be on the phone a lot)
  • a mini-fridge (ideal for those morning- and afternoon-tea breaks).

Now that you’ve thought through all this, are you realising you need way too much stuff for too little space? Before you buy anything on your list, it’s time to get both [practical and creative].